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Minerals Makeup: Tips on Applying It Right

Minerals Makeup: Tips on Applying It Right

For around 30 years, the new discovery on makeup has been taking the film, fashion and cosmetics business by storm. Minerals makeup makes as the recent addition to the emerging culture of beauty bestowed to provide better living.

Not like conventional products, the minerals makeup that is founded on hypoallergenic loose powders, which naturally nurtures the skin, contains no talc, alcohol, perfumes, preservatives or mineral oil. Unexpectedly, dermatologists are also pleased with the birth of minerals makeup.

One drawback of minerals makeup is the messy it can result in bathrooms because the powder is not at all easy to manage. Yet if you know how to put on this makeup right, then you can stay from the mess. Here are the simple tips for mess-free and easy minerals makeup application.

Tip 1 – consider the season and the weather when you apply this kind of makeup. During summer, it is not suggested to put on a heavy makeup as the skin likely to become oily, that even minerals makeup can clog the skin pores too. During summer thus, go with lighter makeup. During the winter season, it is alright to use richer and deeper shades for your skin to display certain warmth.

Tip 2 – when you apply your minerals makeup, always uses a comfortable makeup brush. For instance, you can utilize a kabuki brush to coat your face with a mineral foundation. They are wider and shorter and prevent the powder from spreading everywhere. If you use liquid mineral foundation, ideally use your fingertips. For eye shadows, you may use longer and thinner brush.

Tip 3 – avoid using liquid mineral foundation if your skin is oily. Instead, choose the mineral powder. And one more thing, the element mica should not be on the makeup if you have an oily skin. This ingredient makes the skin shinier. For dry skin, liquid mineral foundations are all good. They provide better coverage and are richer.

Tip 4 – you can combine minerals makeup with the moisturizing cream that you use everyday. This will create a good foundation that will have some shade in it. Today, there are already tinted moisturizers yet this way; you have the control to the level of color that you will add to the foundation.

Essentially, it is vital to know about proper wearing of minerals makeup according to the skin type that you have, as well as to the weather. Together, this will result to an appealing and gorgeous look.

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